Lido City 

Is our sister café to the original bakery store from the 50’s, located by the centre square in Gävle close to shopping and the cinema theatre. Lido city offers bread, pastry, cakes and serves breakfast and delicious, fresh lunch salads. Lido City offers catering and conference solutions–when requested.

We recommend 

  • Our tasty lunch salads with bread and coffee – you pick your own favourite components to your salad. 
  • A piece of princess-cake and a hot coffee 
  • Classic “Swedish fika” - a hot coffee and a classic sinnamon bun! 

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 8 am – 6 pm 
Saturday 10 am – 5 pm 
Sunday 10 am – 6 pm  

Contact information

Stortorget, 803 20 Gävle
Phone: +46 26-61 19 42

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