Lido Böna Café 

​​​​​​​Böna Café is located in Bönan near Gävle’s old fishing villages with a “must experience” location near the coast. In our old wood-house with a beautiful garden–Böna café offers a homey, peaceful atmosphere with qualitative pastry, cakes, sandwishes. Lido Böna Café also serve lunches and buffets–often with local ingredients and products, such as fresh fish, berries and candy. Böna Café offers catering and conference solutions–when requested.

We recommend 

  • Classic “Swedish fika” - a hot coffee and a classic sinnamon bun! 
  • Lido’s schrimp sandwich with coffee or a small beer (low in alcohol) 

Our Menu at Böna Cafe


Ceasarsalad with chicken served with hickorysmoked bacon, parmesan & croutons.
Ceasarsalad with smoked peppar salmon served with parmesan & croutons. The pepparsalmon is caught by local fishermen end smoked in Bönan.
Greeksalad, served with garlicbread & herb/garlicdressing. Vegetarian option.
Bönasalad, been & beetrootbeefs, beansalsa, roasted seeds & Rhode island dressing.  Vegan options.
Chevre & beetrootsalad, served with roasted seeds, honey, garlicbread and herb & garlic dressing. Vegetarian option 149:-
Chickensallad, grilled chicken with fetacheese, melon, garlicbread and herb & garlic dressing. 
Chrimpsalad, served with egg, beansalsa, garlicbread and Rhode island dressing. 159:-

Hot food

Lobster soup, served with pickled fennel, prawns, crutons and garlic bread.
"Västerbotten" pie with smoked peppar salmon mayonnaise. Västerbottencheese is a Swedish cheese with a lot of flavor that has been produced in Burträsk in northen Swedwn since 1872.
Smoked peppar salmon with dill and butter sliced potatoe and shrimp mayonnaise.
Baked potatoe with salad & shrimp mayonnaise.
Baked potatoe with salad & smoked peppar salmon mayonnaise.
Pancakes, five pancakes served with blueberryjam and vanilla icecream.

Grilled toast on sourdough

Cheese please, between the breads it is mozzarella, gouda and cheddar. Served with salad and Rhode island dressing. Vegetarian option.
Ham & cheese, served with salad and Rhode island dressing.
Chicken sweetchili, served with salad and herb/garlic dressing.

Kids menu up to 12 yers 69:-

Meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries.
Chicken salad, served with corn, tomato, cucumber, garlicbread and herb/garlicdressing.
Toast with cheese and ham, salad and herb/garlic dressing.
Pancakes, three pancakes with rasberry jam and vanilla icecream.

Welcome to Böna cafe!

Opening hours

11 am - 5 pm al days
The kitchen closes at half past three

Contact information

Bönavägen 234, 805 95 Gävle.
Phone: +46 26-61 19 42

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