Bönan Café

Welcome to our café in the heart of Bönan, close to the sea and nearby nature walks. Next to Gävles old fishing town, you can enjoy a lighter lunch or Swedish fika in our cosy café that has a vintage style interior and an old-time feel to it.
In Summer time - or whenever the weather allows it, there are plenty of places to sit outside in our garden seating area.
Why not take a walk along our beautiful coastline?

Always at Böna Café

We always serve simple and high quality dishes with seasonal flavours. We proudly serve local ingredients which may vary depending on supply. The Seabuckthorn berry grows generously in the surrounding areas, so we thought it was only fitting to create a bun filled with the sour berry and the finest almond paste. On top of this, we further serve a wide selection of tasty buns, pastries and cakes to enjoy with your coffee.

Opening Times

In July we are open 11:00 - 18:00, the kitchen closes 16:30

During the Autumn, Winter and Spring months we are open Friday - Sunday 11:00 - 16:00 Opening hours may vary during holidays.
Address and Contact
Bönavägen 234
805 95 Gävle
E-mail: info@konditorilido.se
Telephone: 026-61 19 42
Orders: bestalnning@konditorilido.se

Swedish Fika!

Own bakery!

In our bakery on the south slope in Gävle we bake bread and sweet pastries . In the pictue you can see our fantastic good pie with berries/fruit after season with vanilla seeds.

Gifts and things!

We love nostalgia and choose our range with care.
Give yourself something nice or surprise someone you like.

Locally produced!

​​​​​​​We are very proud to be able to serve locally produced food. Such as fish from fisherman Sture Nordin in Bönan.  Cheese from Högbo bruk and other goodies by season and availability.

Dear guests, regarding Covid

When you visit us, we want you to keep a proper distance inside and outside our cafés.
 Hand sanitizers are distributed in several places both inside and outside.
 If you need to sneeze or cough, do so on the inside of your elbow.
 To minimise crowding inside, please decide your order outside by the entrance.
 Respect each other, do not move furniture around as they are placed in such ways to reduce the virus spreading.
Ice cream, coffee and simple confectionaries can be purchased outside on the porch (not food).
We wish you a warm welcome with us!​​​​

Bönan cafe meny

Lobster soup served with a hand peeled prawns, salad, bread, coffee and dessert 149:-
Baked potato with Skagen 129:-
Grilled sourdough with Skagen 98:-
Broccoli and feta cheese pie 119:-
Summer salad, grilled chicken, pasta, feta cheese and melon 129:-
Caesar salad 149:-
Prawn salad with lobster aioli 159:-
Chevre and beetroot salad 149:-
Grilled Sandwich
Cheese and ham, salad and rhode island dressing 129:-
Sweet chili chicken, salad with herb and garlic dressing  129:-
Locally Produced
Fancy something local? We can proudly offer:
Böna kippers on our crispbread
Caught and smoked by fisherman Sture Nordin here in Bönan 89:-
Högbos sandwich
A selection of cheese made in Högbo near the city of Sandviken, served on our homemade Högbo bread, with seasonal toppings 129:-
Caesar salad
With hot smoked pepper salmon from fisherman Sture Nordins smokery here in Bönan 179:-
For those who want a vegan option, we can offer:
Grilled sandwich with cheddar cheese served with a salad and herb and garlic dressing 129:-
Bean salad with beetroot patties and a bean salad 109:-
We make our own vegan Skagen which can be served with either:
Baked potato 129:-
Grilled sourdough 95:-
Baguette 89:-
For Children
69:- per portion for children up to 12 years
Grilled sandwich with salad and rhode island dressing
Chicken salad with pasta and rhode island
Pancakes (3) with jam and cream
We bake our bread and make our salads and dressings ourselves.
(Skagen: a prawn and mayo mixture traditionally with red onion, dill and lemon)

We reserve ourselves for something to end.

Hitta till oss